Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Easter morning mist....a slow gathering of art and photos on our stairway and a close up of the little embroidery project I started with the lovely Ahipara girl.

I love being on holiday (who doesn't?) - it means slow mornings, catch ups with friends and unfinished projects being a little closer to being finished. I always try to have at least one Duvet Day, where the kids and I spend the day in our PJ's and we read books, watch telly and graze. We had our Duvet Day yesterday and now I'm moving on with things - rejuvenated. Sitting on our deck and gazing at the valley also revives my soul. It's these little rituals in life that bring those golden moments I think.

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  1. Hello!!! It all looks very beautiful, you must be so thrilled. Also welcome back to the world. Jx