Thursday, July 12, 2012


Generosity: 1. readiness or liberality in giving. 2. freedom from meanness or smallness of mind or character.
I recently was the recipient of amazing generosity from an awesome person: Rachelle Toimata - I ve always said that Kiwi's are amazingly generous people -  and I felt it in abundance from this beautiful woman.  She has been a good friend and spiritual mentor - and now she has told me she is leaving the country and moving to Australia!  Of course this has made me sad, but I am also excited for her because I remember so clearly the way things felt for us when we had to leave our own homeland of South Africa.  It was such a big move, and so full of the bitter sweet of saying goodbyes and also trying to hold in check the excitement of a new place calling.  I know that wherever Rachelle goes she takes her God flavour with her and it will enrich those around her - but boy - she has sprinkled some pretty good stuff on me and I would say generous is the most apt word to describe her.

When you leave a country - you not only leave friends, family, your church your way of life, but you leave most of your carefully acquired possessions - your little treasures and meaningful things.  We brought what we could but we gave most away and it was not a big deal as I though I would replace it here.  However, with little means to do the replacing, the collection remained pretty frugal.  In one fell swoop, Rachelle opened her home and her heart and told me to take what I loved - and I love it all - we are like minded in so many ways - and I came home overloaded with glorious bits of pieces of her home and collection.  Thank you Rachelle for sharing and giving and replacing what we thought we had lost!

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